​​​Cynthia Schultz
Piano and Harp Lessons &
Notes to Grow On! Preschool Music Classes

Lesson Policies

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you to learn to play the piano or harp. Study after study shows that piano/harp lessons have so many benefits, such as improved concentration, memory, coordination, numerous academic skills and of course a creative/musical outlet and experience. Best of all music is a gift you are giving yourself and/or your child.  

Below are my policies for lessons. Please read and contact me if you have any questions.

Payment for lessons

Payments will be due in full in the form of cash or check on the first lesson of the month before lessons are given. (Checks made payable to Cindy Schultz). Please keep in mind that your lesson may occur 4 or 5 times in a given month. I can provide an invoice if you would like.

If you miss the first lesson of the month, you can mail a check to me at the below address. Returned checks will incur the fee the bank charges.

If you forget to bring payment to the lesson please mail it to:

Cindy Schultz
P.O.Box 2241
Benicia, CA 94510

Withdrawing from lessons

Your time is reserved for the entire school term (September 1 through June 30). If you must withdraw from lessons before June 30, a four (4) week notice is required. If less notice is given, you are responsible for payment of four (4) additional lessons.

Summer and Holidays

In Summer Session (July 1 through August 30) lessons will be scheduled as both teacher’s and student’s schedules permit. So if you notify me of travels and missed lessons during this time period you will not be charged.

There will be no lessons on these days and you will not be charged for:

  • Thanksgiving and the day before/after
  • Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day
  • The last week of December
  • New Year’s Eve Day/New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • We will discuss Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day


Please remember that your lesson time is reserved for you, and no one else. As a courtesy I will allow 2 cancellations per school year for lessons missed for any reason (to be invoiced the following month), any missed lessons after that will not be credited. I will make an attempt to offer make-ups for students that give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation. Please remember, the only way I will be able to offer a make- up is if someone else cancels or if I have an open time. Therefore I cannot promise a make-up, but I will certainly try my best.  I will keep track of missed lessons and the notice given, and offer you a lesson if a time opens up in the future.  Emergency situations will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Since I rent the studio I can only have the studio for the time I reserved, therefore I cannot stay later in the evening for make-up’s and I must stay on time. If you are late for the lesson the time cannot be made up (unless there is a cancellation after you).

The Center for Community Arts office closes at 4:00pm Monday through Friday. This means there will only be a building attendant on duty after 4:00pm and they are often busy attending needs of classes/rentals. So be certain that you come in with your child and wait in the lobby or come into the studio during the lesson. If you wait in the lobby please be at the studio door when the lesson is completed. 

Promptness and Preparedness

Please ensure that your child is on time for their lesson. I have a very tight schedule and usually I cannot extend a lesson to make up for lateness. In addition, have your child check their music before leaving home in order to be sure that he/she has the proper materials for the lesson (music books, theory book, and assignment notebook).  It is a good idea to have a separate bag for their music. In addition, please ensure that your child’s hands are washed before arriving for the lesson, especially during flu season.

Attending lessons

You are welcome to sit in during any and all lessons. By sitting in you are aware of what we are doing and what I expect plus you will be better informed in order to encourage proper practicing at home. That being said, some students do better when the parent does not attend the lesson. Older students usually come alone. We can discuss this on a case by case basis.

I have read Cindy Schultz’s private music lesson policy. I understand that payment for lessons is due before the first lesson of every month for the following month’s lessons. I also understand that I will only receive two credits for missed lessons per school year, (September through June) and that I will have to pay for any additional missed lessons. I understand that the instructor will try to make-up lessons that I give 48 hours’ notice for, but this is dependent on the instructor having availability


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Liability waiver:

I do my best to provide a safe environment at all times but I cannot guarantee an accident or injury free experience. In consideration of mine, or my child’s participation in private music lessons with Cynthia Schultz, I voluntarily release any liability of any injury or property damage that may occur as a result of participation in music lessons at Center for Community Arts, Walnut Creek, California, or my home studio, Benicia, California.

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